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Happy $th of July!

Yes... I meant it that way. Yea for Plastic Patriotism! There are so many things that you could have spent your hard earned money on to support our troops then purchasing that plastic banner screaming the day and the blinky lights shaped like knock-off American Flags... yet, you don't even have a real flag flying. At least be American and congregate to watch what we all like about this holiday... things blowing up... aka...Fireworks shows!!!... one show that most veterans will shell shock HIGHLY AVOID...

But no... you won't congregate with the others of your city... you don't want to be down with the people... you don't want to get hot and sweaty and stink... so you will watch your fireworks on your flat screen t.v. and listen to what you censored t.v. has to tell you.

So I tell you... get out eat a watermelon bought out of the back of a pick up... spit seeds at your neighbor... don't eat the potato salad it's hot today... make some noise, hoot en holler, I would say run through the sprinklers but it is raining so save the water, kiss your significant other because they are there, talk to your neighbors because they are the ones that are going to be there when the t.v. goes out, play!, watch the sunset, watch Houston light up since you can't see the stars, and of course have a good time... cause if it wasn't for those good poor boys and girls looking for a way to better their education-and the few that REALLY want to be there... I wouldn't be able to write this rant... and you wouldn't be able to read it. Be thankful for what you can do and be knowlegable of the things that you REALLY can do!

Have a Happy Independence Day!
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