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i will start the book review.

Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace

"A DECADE AGO, IN THE SPRING OF 1989, COMMUNISM IN EUROPE DIED-COLLAPSED, AS a tent would fall if its main post were removed."

"Code" starts off with a detail of the author's observation of the ending of the Communist regime in Russia. It did not, contrary to popular hope, automatically set in a utopian ideal of self-regulated government and prosperity from market changes. Quite the opposite happened, the new freedoms and lack of government laid the path for corruption and underworld-rule.

This first example is meant to set a parallel to the expanding and evolving world of cyberspace, and to make possible the mental connections needed to comprehend how cyberspace is, and is not, like the real world. He outlines how "code" in the real world (physical artifices like fences or buildings, intangible variables like market fluctuations, laws, and supply and demand) and code in cyberspace act as controls to the environment, and gives an idea of exactly how free or restricted we are, or we allow ourselves to be, through the code we construct around us. further examples set in both real space and cyberspace explain this concept more fully, and tell how our world is merely of our own construction, built around societal and person goals.

Definitely an interesting read, a bit long at first glance, but its well worth the length. A good philosophical and analytic work on how parameters change the way we control our world. Read it.
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